Registration at the Jr. Golf Clinic

Our Jr. Golf Registration Table 

South Texas Classic 

October 11, 2020

Rudy Cuellar teaching Putting

Members Having Birthdays in June

Our Social Page is Dedicated to those who volunteer their time for the love of the sport of Golf.

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Carlos E Garcia June 16
Kino Rios June 25
Gibby Rodriguez June 26
Ambrose Hernadez June 28

Our volunteers and Club Managers

Gift given to participants on the 3rd Saturday

Mickey Morado helping out with putting

Mr. & Mrs Roy Moya Great Jr. Golf Sponsors

Meet and Greet for the West Oso Kiddos

Our ladies who help out every year with serving and registration

Treats for the Jr. Golf Participants

Kino Rios, Ed Sanchez, Simon Gonzales, Carlos Juarez. Teaching Chipping