From Our National Tournament Director

Ideals and thoughts.  

National Tournament Director and National Board should set the tee box rule for the chapters.  That way all chapters will follow the same tee boxes and yardages through out the year and handicaps will be better define for the national tournament ..

To All

Per the work shop.  My recommendation for National tournament and Local Chapters tee boxes should be updated in the national guide lines.   Not sure how the system works on implementing rules before the national tournament.  The new ages and new tee boxes for next years 2020 national tournament in Brownsville.   I feel it will boost the interest for the national tournament.   This information should be passed to all Pan Am chapters.  The reason for the early notice.  The players that decide to move to the new tee boxes because of there age.  The handicap index will be calibrated for the national tournament.  Also, the rule for the birthdays.  If there birthday is with the year of the the national tournament.  Golf year should be identified by October after the national tournament  to July the month of the national tournament.  This will eliminate player that turn 60 + the month before the tournament.  

Also, Tee boxes should be worded as follow.  Senior and/or  Super Senior tee boxes is optional and once the player moves up to the front tee boxes.  The player cannot move back within the year.   

The follow tee box  suggested:


Tee boxes Regular = 59 years and younger - 6500 to 6900 max

Tee boxes Senior = 60 years to 69 years - 6000 to 6500 max (1 tee up from regular)

Tee boxes Super Senior = 70 years + - 5500 to 6000 max (2 tee up from regular)


Tee boxes Regular = 59 years and younger - 6200 max

Tee Boxes Senior & Super Senior = 60 years + 5500 max (if the course offer 2 tee boxes)

For the national women tournament.  The women's tournament should mirror the men's awards.  The women's awards should have Low gross and Low net championship ring.  

I am not sure how many women attend the championship weekend.  If there is enough women show up maybe look into two flights.  This Needs to be review and discuss for the 2 flights.

This is exciting and awesome for the future of the Pan american Golf Association.   

If you have any questions, let me know by email please, no individual members from the club administrator or Tournament Director